Pine Power

Pine Bark has had many long term clinical studies on various inflammatory conditions and has had much success in all cases. All pine trees have similar medicinal qualities. The outer bark is removed and the inner layer is where the magic is at! Pine bark is high in antioxidants and is extremely anti-inflammatory which is why it can improve almost any condition.

It has proven to be effective in treating allergies, asthma, cough and colds, respiratory conditions, edema, premenstrual symptoms, erectile disfunction and so much more. Pine bark is also immune enhancing, antimicrobial and is an antioxidant. It can be used to treat inflammatory conditions or as a nutritional supplement for prevention and longevity.

All of my tincture blends contain local wild harvested ingredients collected from forested areas away from pesticide and flouride use.



Note: Products with wild-harvested ingredients cannot be mass produced and are seasonal. Please contact Taya to place an order or to be notified when a sold out item is back in stock.